An ostensibly humble comment that also demonstrates the person's wealth, fame, or importance. Also: humble-brag, humble brag.
Example Citations:
In Paris, superproducer Marin Karmitz had money and wasn't afraid to spend it to help Kieslowski make a trilogy both artful and lavish. (Karmitz humblebrags in an interview on these discs that, during Red, he was taken to the cleaners by a Geneva woman whose apartment was to be the heroine's; Karmitz put her up in the city's most expensive hotel, all expenses paid, for two months.)
And for anybody wondering about his fiscal fitness, before "Fields of Gold," Sting explained that he came up with the song after buying a "house," then stopped the tale to add a clarifying humblebrag: "It was a castle, really."
—Dave McKenna, " In concert: Sting at Constitution Hall:," The Washington Post, October 31, 2011
Earliest Citation:
Just won the 109 turbo (8:30) and feel great
—chamlight, " Humble brag:," PocketFives, August 14, 2009
This word has become somewhat famous thanks to the Humblebrag: Twitter feed, created and maintained by the comedian and writer Harris Wittels, which retweets humblebrags of the rich and famous. Some recent examples:
\@piersmorgan So \@SHAQ called ME a 'legend' tonight. Feel free to be as surprised as I was...and as \@MagicJohnson was! \#CNN 9pm ET
\@dangillmor: Seems clear to me that the Steve Jobs biography was rushed out the door, and not only because my name is spelled wrong.
\@blakeshelton To the owner of the red Jeep Cherokee in Durant Ok.. I apologize. But at least you can tell folks a Grammy nominee ran you off the road!
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